Convert Your HEX Color Code To RGB

How To Use Color Converter

Step 1: Navigate to the Color Converter Tool above.

Step 2: Paste your HEX Color Code in the input field above.

Step 3: Click the "Convert" button  to get the RGB Code.

What Are HEX & RGB Color Codes Used For?

HEX and RGB color codes are used to specify colors in Web design and development. HEX is a hexadecimal code representing colors, while RGB stands for Red, Green, Blue and uses numerical values to define colors. They ensure consistency in color representation across different devices and platforms.

Hex Color Code:

A hex color code is a 6-digit alphanumeric code that represents a color in the RGB model. Each pair of characters in the hex code corresponds to one of the RGB components—Red, Green, and Blue. The first two characters represent the RED VALUE, the next two represent GREEN VALUE, and the last two represent BLUE VALUE.

RGB Color Codes:

RGB is an additive color model where different colors are created by combining various intensities of red, green, and blue light. Each color component can have values from 0 to 255, where 0 represents no intensity, and 255 represents full intensity. By combining different intensities of these three colors, a wide range of colors can be produced.

So, the number of colors that can be generated is:

256×256×256 = 16777216 = 100000016

How to Convert Hex to RGB Color Code:

To convert a hex color code to RGB, you need to break down the hex code into its red, green, and blue components and convert them from hexadecimal to decimal. The conversion formula is straightforward:

  • Red (R): Convert the first two hex characters to decimal.
  • Green (G): Convert the next two hex characters to decimal.
  • Blue (B): Convert the last two hex characters to decimal.

Or, You can use Our Color Converter Tool, Simply navigate to the Top of this Page and Paste your HEX Code in the  Verify CAPTCHA by clicking on the on the Check Box and Click Convert. It will convert the HEX Code To RGB for you along with the CSS Color Code,It will also show you Color Preview of your Color Code.

Hex to RGB Code Conversion Example:

Let's take the hex color code #3498db as an example:

  • Red (R): 34 in hex is 52 in decimal.
  • Green (G): 98 in hex is 152 in decimal.
  • Blue (B): db in hex is 219 in decimal.

So, the RGB values for the hex code #3498db are R: 52, G: 152, B: 219.


Understanding how to convert hex to RGB color is essential for web developers and designers working with digital color representations. By mastering this conversion, you can precisely control and communicate color choices for websites, graphics, and various digital media. Remember, the hex-to-RGB conversion process is a simple arithmetic operation that enhances your ability to work with colors in the digital realm.

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