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What is a Website Hosting Checker Tool

A website hosting checker tool is a service or software that allows users to determine information about the hosting provider of a particular website. These tools typically provide details about the server where a website is hosted, such as the hosting company, IP address, server location, and other relevant technical information.


WHOIS (pronounced as who-is) is a protocol and a database that provides information about domain name registrations and the entities associated with them. It serves as a publicly accessible database that contains details about the individuals or organizations that have registered domain names. The WHOIS system is crucial for maintaining transparency and accountability in the domain registration process.

Key information available in a WHOIS record includes:

  1. Domain Name: The registered domain name for which you are looking up information.

  2. Registrar: The company or organization through which the domain name was registered. Registrars are accredited by domain registries to manage the registration of domain names.

  3. Registrant: The person, organization, or entity that registered the domain. This includes contact information such as name, email address, phone number, and sometimes address.

  4. Administrative Contact: The individual or organization responsible for managing the administrative aspects of the domain registration.

  5. Technical Contact: The person or organization responsible for the technical aspects of the domain, such as DNS configuration.

  6. Name Servers: The DNS servers responsible for resolving the domain to an IP address.

  7. Creation and Expiration Dates: The dates when the domain was created and when it is set to expire.

Access to WHOIS information is typically provided by domain registrars or WHOIS lookup services. Users can perform a WHOIS lookup by entering a domain name into a WHOIS search tool or by using command-line tools.

It's important to note that privacy regulations and policies may affect the amount of information available in WHOIS records. In recent years, privacy protection services and regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have led to the redaction or masking of some contact details in WHOIS records to protect the privacy of individuals.

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