HTML Beautifier

How To Use This HTML Beautifier/Formatter

Step 1: Copy your HTML code from your text editor or IDE & Paste it into the input area provided above.

Step 2: Click the "Beautify" buttonn to start the process.

Step 3: After beautification, the tool will generate formatted HTML code. Copy it and replace your existing code in your project.

What Is A HTML Beautifier/Formatter Tool?

An HTML beautifier or formatter is a tool that helps organize and structure HTML code in a more readable and visually appealing way. It does not affect the functionality of the code but improves its presentation for easier understanding by developers and maintenance.

HTML beautifiers typically perform the following tasks:

  1. Indentation: The tool aligns HTML tags and content in a structured manner, making it easier to follow the hierarchy of elements.

  2. Whitespace Removal: Unnecessary spaces and line breaks can be removed to reduce the file size and improve loading times.

  3. Consistent Formatting: The tool ensures that the code follows a consistent style, such as indentation levels, tag casing, and attribute formatting.

  4. Sorting Attributes: It may alphabetically sort attributes within HTML tags to provide a standardized order.

  5. Line Wrapping: Long lines of code may be wrapped to fit within a specified width, enhancing readability.

  6. Comment Preservation: HTML comments are often preserved to maintain any annotations or explanations within the code.

Developers often use these tools to ensure code consistency, collaboration, and adherence to coding standards.

Why Beautify HTML Code?

Beautifying HTML code improves readability, making it easier for developers to understand, collaborate, and maintain. It also helps ensure consistent formatting, adhering to coding standards for a cleaner and more professional codebase.

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